Ritter.Build: Flexible Flat-Rate Entity Formation

Building a business is hard. Starting one doesn’t have to be.

Ritter.Build is a flexible, flat fee entity formation service offered by Ritter Law LLC, a New York law firm. Whether you're starting a simple, single owner company or a larger company in need of a robust shareholders or operating agreement, Ritter.Build has an affordable, quality formation package that's right for you. 


$750 + filing fees

A Basic Formation includes:

-- Formation of a corporation or limited liability company in either New York or Delaware.
-- Qualifying the newly formed entity to do business in New York (if necessary).
-- Filing of Form SS-4 Application to obtain an EIN.
-- Documents granting equity to founders.
-- Simple governing documents.

The Basic Formation does not include a phone consultation with a Ritter Law LLC attorney.


$1,250 + filing fees

An Intermediate Formation includes everything included in a Basic Formation, plus (as desired):

-- A 30 minute phone consultation with a Ritter Law LLC attorney.
-- Customized vesting schedules for each equityholder and related documents.
-- Intellectual property assignments by the founders to the new company.
-- Completion of a New York State Tax Application.
-- Form documents that can be used to hire rank-and-file employees and independent contractors.
-- Forms of one-way and mutual non-disclosure agreements.


$2,000 +filing fees

An Advanced Formation includes everything included in an Intermediate Formation, plus:

-- A longer 1 hour, rather than 30 minute, consultation with a Ritter Law LLC attorney.
-- A customized and robust shareholders agreement or operating agreement, including (as desired):

-- Provisions addressing control and access to information.
-- Provisions allowing owners to purchase their share of any newly issued equity.
-- Provisions addressing the transfer of ownership interests.
-- Restrictive covenants to protect the company.


$2,500 + filing fees

A Premium Formation includes everything included in an Advanced Formation, plus:

-- An equity incentive plan, which can be used by the company to award employees and consultants.
-- Form documents that can be used to grant equity pursuant to the plan.

* Note: Registered Agent fees for Delaware entities not included. Instructions to satisfy New York's publication requirement for newly formed limited liability companies are included. Direct assistance satisfying such publication requirement can be provided for an additional $200 fee, plus publication costs.

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